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tv   Book Discussion  CSPAN  November 28, 2014 3:00am-3:55am EST

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street is inadequate, that's difficult. also i that's a question for social policy and i obviously support the policy that brings the best possible education into every neighborhood in boston all our neighborhood to be spent on the enjoyment of the 1% just to pay 15% tax. we could just our little of that and make it a good school so there could be better. there's also a cultural world, particularly in certain groups, basketball is the best thing to be. baseball is the best thing to be. they say you know, phd in english is not bad either. medical degree. that's pretty great. you can do some great things there. football, basketball, i don't think that's a good beginning. some people say law, medicine,
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art, art. i hope there is more. >> a follow-up to the last question. the ncaa campaign players because people go on tv and not so much watch how courageous they are. but sam one of those players and i made it this far for virginia or a better team and at the end -- [inaudible] but at the end of my four years, i'm not getting anywhere. is that in some ways a moment greater real lesson of getting knocked down for however long you've been playing really comes to a head at that point.
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>> one of the things i do in my book in one of the things my good coaches do is look around the room. last year this room were a lot of good football players. three of them drafted in the nfl. two of them made it. one of them left more than five years. a lot of kids out there who are as good as seemingly as you. so that is something that's got to be put forward to all players. at the same time, couldn't we say the same thing to a roomful of poets? the chances that you're making it a very, very low tier to a roomful of actors, to roomful of painters, to a roomful of playwrights. you are probably not going to make it. there comes a climactic moment retry for the 10th time to get your book published and it doesn't get published. you knew what you are getting into. you tried, it didn't work. now let's hope you have plan b. one of my sons is a rock guitarist. one of my sons is a fiction writer. i'm familiar with this particular difficulty.
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i pray for them and hope for them. but i don't see them as all that different. people try to do things and they get the chance to do them. there's no more money than is actually the casino. i don't think the situation is unique. it's painful because the solutions are fed to other people. but there's also a whole group of people that are saying no, no, no, look around. see how many people really make it to the nfl and then see what happens in the game and when they get out of the game. 30 for 30 documentaries on espn, that's all they talk about. anyway, thank you so much for coming. [applause]
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>> steve cushman. here it is. the list you will be reading right here at leicester tomorrow. this is fabulous. sad and wise and beautiful. don't stop filming. come here and get this book. it is a really deep and wonderful piece of work. i strongly recommend it. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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